‘Biting Ground’ Design

Optimized tread blocks keep part of the tread cap biting the ground at all time, it makes NeoTerra hold the road in tight curves and is very agile during sudden movements.


‘Power Bridges’ Technology

Bridges were added between tread blocks to reduce tread flex, resulting in less heat build up to prolong the tire’s performance.


Dura-Bead Compound Technology

This technology ensures long tread life under the condition of overloading and long-time running.

  • Forestry tire

Size Load Index/Speed Rating PR Standard Rim Overall Dia (mm)/inch Section Widt (mm)/inch Load (kg) Pressure O.T.D
(kpa) (psi)
11R22.5 146/143 L 16 8.25 1065 41.9 279 11 3000/2725 830 120.4 21/26.4
11R24.5 146/143 J 16 8.25 1116 43.9 279 11 3250/3000 830 120.4 21/26.4